Thursday, 8 March 2012


I didn't start writing with the intention of making my fortune!! I've enjoyed the few things I have written and have been thrilled that somebody 'out there' appreciates it and has published some of them!

Today I had TWO emails! From two different places who have accepted my stories before, to say they were accepting a second! Whoo-hoo!!

Bringing my total to 7! Nothing I can go on a spending spree with, in fact, I think I may have been able to buy a cup of coffee and a biscuit from the proceeds of two articles!

Creative Writing Ink made me the December 2011 winner for the short story 'Jessie' and they have now voted me the poetry winner for February 2012 for 'My Senses, My Memories' (watch the website!).

About a year ago Cafe Lit - Creative Cafe Project - put my story 'Neighbours' on their site, and today they've accepted 'Good Luck Bad Luck Cat'!

So two in Creative Cafe Project, two on Creative Writing Ink, two in Carillon Magazine (issue 29 February 2011 & Issue 31 November 2011) and one on the Gold Dust 2012 calendar. I'm happy!

It's not an ego thing, just nice to be acknowledged! Makes you feel good about yourself  and gives the encouragement to carry on!

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  1. Hi there Rose,

    I know exactly what you mean. Congratulations for these little victories. Little steps make up a path. There is something inexplicable about the joy of buying your cup of coffee and a pastry knowing that the money you're paying for it with has come to you for creating something with love.
    Lets hope you have lots more little victories, and next time you'll be able to afford to treat a friend to a coffee and a cake too! :)